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next week. carol costello and "cnn newsroom" begins right now. >>> happening now in the newsroom. demonstrations canceled. egypt's muslim brotherhood calling off nationwide protests. was president obama's phone call behind the move? as we're learning to new arrests linked to the attack on the consulate in libya that killed four americans. >>> the fed's new push to make buying or refinancing a house cheaper. there are questions this morning. will it really help the housing market? >>> plus a second scandal, topless photos of kate middleton published in a french magazine. the royal family fuming this morning. the photos taken during a private vacation on private property. did the magazine break the law? >>> and field goal. play of the night with the packers and bears, green bay thursday night. "newsroom" begins right now. good morning to you. happy friday. i'm carol costello. we fwin with that bit of breaking news. dramatic efforts to tamp down some of the ugliest anti-american violence in the arab world. it comes at a critical time. protests have swept across a massive region, 11
will start with carol costello. >>> the filmmaker that sparked international protests is arrested and held without bond and nothing to do with the controversial movie trailer. >>> and refs return and fans show their appreciation. it was a standing ovation but it did not take long for fans to return to their bioing ways. even before new orleans states in' coaches and players were accused of a bounty program offering payouts for big hits on opponents another team may have beat them to the punch. a pee-wee football team. now a former assistant coach is blowing the whistle. >>> combining religion with technology. we're talking to the man who invented a bible lab aiming at bringing the good book into the 21st century. newsroom starts now. good morning to you. happy happy friday. i'm carol costello and begin this hour with the man who ignited so much violence around the world from nakoula basseley nakoula. picture pictures earlier this month. even he couldn't decide which name to give the judge. according to these documents, he has used at least 17 fake names. it's the web of lies, not the in si
" with carol cost eello. good morning. >> thank you, brooke. good morning to all of you. i'm carol costello. the anti-american violence spreading in the middle east. protesters in yemen scale the embassy walls and set fires. in cairo, egypt, force used tear gas there. it is over a film that was produced in the united states and said to be insulting to islam. >>> u.s. drones join the manhunt for those who killed a u.s. diplomat and three other americans. concerns over the tep id response by the new regime in egypt. >> i don't think that we would consider them an ally, but we don't consider them an enemy. >> we're covering every angle of this developing story. first, let's take a step back and look at how things have unfolded over the past 48 hours. the outrage first ignited tuesday in egypt. protesters converged on the embassy. within hours, crowds gathered outside benghazi, libya. armed militants killed the u.s. ambassador and three of the staffers. today, crowds storm the u.s. embassy in yemen. riot police eventually turned them back with tear gas. also today, demonstrators turn out in ira
to her. >>> "cnn newsroom" with carol costello begins now. >> stories we're watching right now in the "newsroom." >> do you fear that war is imminent? >> the united nations has a warning for the iranian president. cool it. but mahmoud ahmadinejad already has strong words for israel as he gears up for his big speech in new york city. >>> a dramatic search for survivors on one of the world's highest mountains. now rescue crews are deciding whether they'll be able to find any more survivors. >>> high school students in new york can now get more than just an education at school. officials are handing out the morning after pill to teens. some of their parents likely don't know a thing about it. >>> plus this -- >> the ball hit the ground. it was an incomplete ss. >> did you see this reaction? patriots coach bill belichick kbr grabs a referee after a last second loss. he's not the only coach fuming at questionable calls made by the replacement refs. the replacement refs. "newsroom" begins right now. -- captions by vitac -- >>> good morning to you. thank you so much for
. well, now the is a new mba program specifically geared toward pro athletes. carol costello explains. >> i'm living my dream right now but when this one ends another one will have to take place. >> he's a linebacker with the baltimore ravens who has his eyes on his opponent on the field but also has his sights set on life off it. >> i want to be the athletic director at ucla but also a professional businessman. i want to be hirable. i want to be somebody that has a resume, long resume of accomplishments. >> reporter: to make that happen he is going for a master's degree in business administration. what makes his mba program unique is that nearly everyone in it is a pro athlete or former pro. >> our goal is to really help these individuals make the transition from a very specific occupation that has given them a lot of access and a lot of resources in their lives. >> this is george washington university's star executive mba program, a customized program where celebrity students meet for eight hours a day in two-week modules. they'll take six modules over two years with plenty of homew
. will cain tying it all together. we're out of time. "cnn newsroom" with carol costello begins right now. see you tomorrow morning. >> hi, soledad. thanks a lot. happening now in the "newsroom," the red line and a stern warning. the israeli prime min sister warning the united states to establish a clear line that iran cannot cross with the nuclear program. this morning we ask what is that line and what happens if it's crossed? >>> front page scandal. the royal family trying to stop topless pictures of kate from spreading. an italian magazine owned by the former prime minister silvio berlusconi is publishing a 38-page special edition. it's hitting newsstands now. >> a replacement ref replaced before the kickoff. side judge brian stropolo booted for openly being a saints fan. he posted pictures of himself in saints gearal gating. monday morning quarterback this one. one. "newsroom" begins right now. -- captions by vitac -- >>> good morning. thank you so much for being with us. i'm carol costello. we begin this hour with muslim outrage and new flare-ups of anti-american violence. o
century. newsroom starts now. good morning to you. happy happy friday. i'm carol costello and begin this hour with the man who ignited so much violence around the world from nakoula basseley nakoula. picture pictures earlier this month. even he couldn't decide which name to give the judge. according to these documents, he has used at least 17 fake names. it's the web of lies, not the in siend jere film that has him sitting in jail this morning. good morning. >> reporter: i should be very clear about that. this is a federal probation violation that has him sitting in jail, as you say. there are two terms of his probation violation for a 2010 bank fraud conviction. he was not supposed to use any computer devices without the consent or prior knowledge of his probation officer. he also was not supposed to use any fictitious name. the great span of the hearing yesterday dealt with his identity. in fact, when the judge asked him, what is your name? he identified himself not as nakoula basseley nakoula, we have been working on, he identified himself as mark basseley youseff. she said, what
newsroom" with carol costello happening right now. >> thanks. >>> hall of fame, ref rage, call it what you will. a new push to get the replacement refs banned in one state. monday night's game, a banker, with no professional experience. >>> tornado terror. at least three twisters tear through the midwest this morning. storms stretch from pennsylvania to oklahoma. >>> poll position. president obama pulling ahead in several debattleground states. florida, pennsylvania and ohio, where mr. romney is now trailing by ten points. >>> plus this -- >> israel frustrate the that iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad will address the unja on the holiest of jewish holidays. will his comments ratchet up tensions even higher? live from jerusalem. "newsroom" starts now. >>> and good morning. i'm carol costello. ref rage. a lot of people sayal deba aing ruining the day. it's not just about saving face. it's about saving sunday. >> reporter: in controversy here. the winning touchdown call of the infamous disputed play was by the book. still, nearly everyone is talking trash, from the ladies on "the talk." >
! >> that's our story, what's ahead tomorrow. have a great day. "cnn newsroom" with carol costello starts right now. good morning, carol. >> hi, soledad. happy birthday. >> thank you. >>> happening now in the newsroom, the message from mitt. the romney campaign attempting to get his campaign back on track this morning. op-ed in "usa today," the president taking to late night to respond. >> my expectation is that if you want to be president, you've got to work for everybody, not just for some. >> we're just two weeks from the first debate. the clock is ticking. has the damage already been done? >> reporter: i'm kyung lah, live in chicago. this hour, the school bell will ring at the elementary schools. thstrike is over. that story, coming up in a live report. >>> plus, the mystery in the papyrus. newly revealed fragment, centuries old, where jesus makes a reference to his wife. >> monks, da vinci. >> from the days of dan brown's "da vinci" code we're asking, what if jesus was married? >>> also fire, tornado, an amazing sight in the outback of australia. flachls tunnelling 100 feet into the
'm carol costello. we begin in charlotte where the party faithful are still basking in the glow of last night's fiery speeches. we'll share in a moment. but first, a glimpse of the heavy hitters on the schedule tonight. the headliner, bill clinton. he'll deliver tonight's nominating speech. and democrats hope display the political genius that has made him campaigner in achievement >>> also speaking, a darling of the democrats, senate candidate elizabeth warren. the harvard law professor is well known for her sharp tongue and pointed barbs. and also sandra fluke, who was catapulted to fame when rush limbaugh called her a slut because of her views on contracepti contraception. the challenge of today's speakers, building on the momentum of last night. how can you top michelle obama? >> believe it or not, when we were first married, our combined monthly student loan bill was actually higher than our mortgage. yeah. we were so young, so in love, and so in debt. and that's why barack has fought so hard to increase student aid and keep interest rates down. because he wants every young person t
. >> now's the time. i'm carol costello. thanks so much for joining me today. cnn newsroom continues right now with ashley banfield. >> thank you so much, carol costello. hi, everyone. i'm ashleigh banfield. it's 11:00 on the east coast which means it's 8:00 on the west coast. this was the question hanging over the dnc like, i don't know, a dark cloud? guess what, we now have the answer. within the past hour, convention organizers have had to announce that tomorrow night's nomination acceptance speech, the big one by president obama, is not going to be taking place at the situation on the left of your screen. instead it's going to be at the time warner arena on the right of your screen. the weather is the reason. the risk of bad storms is just way too high at this point to be going to the bank of america stadium after all. and that means that 50,000 stadium ticket holders who cannot be accommodated in the smaller venue are more than likely feeling as though there is rain on their parade. cnn's dana bash joins me live now from charlotte. obviously this wasn't news we weren't expecting, but
was electric, strong, and stunning. >> carol costello there. what struck me in talking to journalists, i found a gender split in the way males felt and females -- >> carol costello nailed it. for women, not just journalists, but everybody -- my mother, for example -- aarp saying, wow, i've never heard her speak. fabulous, genuine. remember she got up and went, yea! you know, she was just so real. and really stuck by her husband. he said he will not fail, and i think that the media concurred. >> i thought it was an effective speech and her job was to humanize her husband and all of that. when she said, i love you women, and went on and on about the problems of working women paying the bills, obviously not a problem she had. it struck me over the top pandering. let me get a male voice that might agree with me. >> i disagree with you because the job of a politician is to communicate to and for the voter. no president, no first lady shares every single experience with the voter. barack obama, president of the united states, is a millionaire, as he likes to remind us. yet, he still speaks to and fo
banfield. >>> carol costello, thank you very much. i am ashley banfield. let's get right down to business. a couple guys that never seem to hit it off in the first place are expected to talk on the phone today. i bring to your attention because the fate of the world is at stake. you may roll your eyes. don't. the guys in question are president obama and israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu and a whole lot was made of the fact they did not meet in person when they both travelled to new york for the u.n. general assembly and the white house wants you to know they do stay in touch, that there are phones in the white house and the u.s.-israeli relationship is air tight. mr. netanyahu just seemed to take great pains to smooth over what had seemed like friction between himself and our commander in chief all over how the world should respond to iran. >> i very much appreciate the president's position as does everyone in my country. we share the goal of stopping the iran's nuclear weapons program. this goal you nights the people of israel. it you nights americans, democrats, and republicans
king. "cnn newsroom" with carol costello begins now. >>> happening in the newsroom, on strike. tens of thousands of teach rs on the picket line this morning. some 400,000 students impacted. parents scrambling to find care for their kids. >>> shifting message. the romney camp walking back comments over obama care. >> i'm not getting rid of all of health care reform. of course. there are a number of things i like in health care reform that i'm going to put in place. >> so we're asking, should romney bend on obama care? >>> arctic battle. just off the northern coast of alaska, oil giant shell starting to drill into the sea. environmentalists concerned about a repeat of bp's gulf oil disaster. >>> he's had four neck surgeries and missed the entire 2011 football season. that does not matter for peyton manning. the denver broncos quarterback looks like the manning of old. looks like the manning of old. "newsroom" starts now. -- captions by vitac -- >>> good morning. happy monday to you. i'm carol casostello. thank you so much for joining us this morning. it's 8:00 a.m. in ch
and certainly not from that statement. >> and certainly not today. >> cnn newsroom with carol costello joins us right now. good morning. >> hi, soledad. thank you. >>> happening now in the "newsroom," the 47% and the fallout. mitt romney is on damage control after he says obama supporters are victims and dependent on the government. >>> plus this -- >> say yes to change and yes to hope and yes to all of these things, what we don't ask specific waiting to see what can be delivered. >> when obama proposed the university health care and government-run health care, we were mired in debt, unemployment was the issue. >> the hope and the change, a new hour-long documentary, come ing to tv in seven battleground states. will it change the minds of disenchanted voters? we'll talk to the film maker. >>> unscripted and heartfelt, derrick rose and candid moment in chicago where a shoe unve unveiling turned into something so much more. >> all this stuff is going on in this city, a kid from maplewood got some positive -- >> standing up for chicago's children, getting them on the violent streets and back into
of time. "cnn newsroom" with carol costello starts right now. >>> in the months lead iing up his death, ambassador chris stevens says he was on an al qaeda hit list. security climate and concerns in libya. >>> cleared, a new report from the inspector general at the justice department said he has no evidence that attorney general eric holder knew about the strategy and tactics used in fast and furious. in 30 minutes, the inspector general gets grilled about his report. >>> offline. first bank of america. now chase. online banking taken down. this morning, the banks are on alert for a cyber attack and you won't believe what's behind these attacks. the cheesy anti-muslim movie? >> and viewed, mitt romney going into the lion's den after saying this about the view. >> although because of the five women on it, only one is conservative. >> new today, it turns ut the canndidate will sit down with te ladies. this is going to be interesting. this is going to be interesting. "newsroom" starts now. -- captions by vitac -- >>> good morning to you, i'm carol costello. we start with mit
for being with us. "cnn newsroom" with carol costello starts right now. >> soledad, thank you. >>> happening now, 70,000 to stop the protest. statement department airing a psa, public service announcement in pakistan saying america respects all faiths. some, though, say america is waving the white flag. >>> romney hitting the road saying if someone else can do a better job, they should try running for office themselves. >> stop it. this is hard. you want to try it, get in the ring. >> this, as fellow republicans keep slamming team romney. p peggy noonan calling the campaign a, quote, rolling calamity." >>> dr. sanjay gupta from one of the top cancer hospitals, have we finally turned the corner on fighting some of the deadliest forms of the disease? >>> plus this -- oh, it's here. iphone frenzy. the lines and lines and lines, from australia to the big apple. people camped out for more than a week. belly up to the genius bar. newsroom starts right now. >>> good morning. happy friday to you. i'm carol costello. we begin this hour with new anti-american violence erupting across much of the musli
newsroom with carol costello" begins right now. >>> happening now, tension in the gulf, iran claiming overnight that it test fired four miss designed to hit war ships. u.s. navy on guard watching iran's next moves. >>> controversial view. the white house defending president obama's appearance on the daytime talk show. republicans saying that he's choosing showbiz over foreign policy. obama sending hillary clinton to the u.n. for face-to-face meetings. >>> seattle stunner. the call everyone is talking about this morning. packers/seahawks. clock ticking. then this happened. >> who did they give it to? touchdown! >> oh. two refs, two different calls. and one huge upset. $200 million refund. if you have a discover card you may be getting cash back. the feds saying the bank tricked people into signing up for payment protection plans. we are watching "your m ing you. "newsroom" starts right now. >>> good morning. thank you so much for joining us. i'm carol costello. we begin with that breaking news from the persian gulf. iran has reportedly test fired anti-ship missiles in the waters off of
we having they said. >> that us for being brief. >>> cnn newsroom with carol costello begins now. good morning, carol. >> hi, john. happening now in the newsroom, they are stretching out and suiting up, the nfl's referees turn return to their field of expertise tonight. with the replacements gone, football fans can now direct their anger elsewhere. >>> fbi agents investigating the lady attack at the american consulate in libya still haven't reached ben gas zip. exclusive information on why u.s. officials still respect there more than two weeks after the gunfire. >>> where is jimmy hoffa? we have been asking that question for almost 40 years. now, investigators some new information that's leading them to a home in suburban detroit. >>> and it's one of the most famous paintings in the whole world. now, the mona lisa might have a twin. a new group claims da vinci created another version of mona. newsroom starts now. >>> good morning to you, thank you so much for joining us. i'm carol costello. >>> nfl fans along national night nair is finally over, the regular referees coming back o
. >> with carol costello, which begins right now. >> thank you very much. we are remembering the victims and the triumphs since the attacks. and minutes from now remembering the lives lost at the pentagon. president obama will soon be on his way there. there, he will be laying a wreath. they'll have a ceremony and also deliver some remarks. not only the president but the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, army general martin dempsey will deliver marks as well. >> we are also in shanksville, pennsylvania, where the final hijacked airliner crashed into a field after hero passengers fought back. vice president joe biden is there. we're expecting him to speak at the top of this 10:00 hour, an hour from now. >>> first at new york's ground ze zero, a sign of healing. an overnight breakthrough that now clears the way for a museum on the site. we'll have more on that in a minute. poppy harlow is at ground zero. >> it is a beautiful, clear, crisp morning here. really reminiscent about 9/11 itself, a day just like that day. we spent the morning talking to family members. bob hughes, here with
. >>> good morning to you. i'm zoraida sambolin sitting in for carol costello. president obama on the road to charlotte, that's what he's calling his campaign blitz through four key states as he heads to this week's democratic national convention. >> on thursday night i'm going to offer you what i believe is a better path forward, a path that will grow this economy and create more jobs and strengthen the middle class. and the good news is you have to choose the path we take. you can go with their plan to give massive new tax cuts to folks who have already made it. or we can go forward with my plan to keep taxes low for every american who is still trying to make it. [ applause ] >> senior congressional correspondent dana bash is in charlotte working really hard, i might add. there have been some crossed wires on the democrats' message. tell us all about that. >> reporter: look, it's the fundamental question that has been asked since ronald reagan ran for president back in the '80s and that question is, are you better off than you were four years ago. it's a fund aamental question tt an incu
like bicycling. and then have fun. >> i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining us today. cnn newsroom with ashleigh banfield starts after a quick break.
for joining me this morning. i'm carol costello. "cnn newsroom" continues right now with ashleigh banfield. >>> thank you very much. hi, everybody. good to see you. it's 11:00 on the east coast. 8:00 on the west coast. let's get down to business. whatever happens in november, whatever happens tonight in charlotte is something that barack obama will never do again, accept his party's nomination for president. you cannot turn on your television or fire up your computer without hearing what mr. obama must do on the closing night of the democratic convention. but it mostly boils down to this -- top bill. bill clinton. or at least live up to the set-up that was delivered in vintage bill clinton fashion on actually a night that typically belongs to the running mate. but do not fret for mr. joe biden. he, too, will be on the marquee for tonight. and watching it tonight is cnn's dana bash. dana, you just don't sleep. i see you working until 2:00 in the morning and up again at 5:00 a.m. for the morning shows. so many people say these speeches mean everything. some people say they mean nothing. othe
wrong. thank you for joining me today. i'm carol costello. "cnn newsroom" continues right now with ashleigh banfield. >> thank you very much. hi, everybody. it's 11:00 on the east coast. 8:00 in the morning on the west coast. let's begin with this. the biggest soapbox on earth. at this hour the lectern at the u.n. general assembly will belong to one of the world's most device sieve leaders. the brez of ghana. the person i'm peeking of none other than mahmoud amadinejad. you've heard of him. he's about to make his final address as the president of iran. it is not going to be standing room only, especially since the u.s. delegation has just decided that it's going to boycott the whole process. not walk out, don't even walk in in the first place. here is the explanation that the u.s. delegation gave us. i'm going to read verbatim. spokeswoman erin pelton says, i quote, mr. amadinejad once again uses his trip of the u.n. not to address the legitimate aspirations of the iranian people but to spout paranoid theories and repulsive slurs against israel. does not seem to be much need t
newsroom" begins right now. >>> good morning. happy friday to you. i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining us. we begin with politics and your pocketbook. minutes ago, a dismal jobs report. last month, employers created a lot fewer jobs than expected. bad news for the economy, and big news in a presidential race that's deadlocked and sprinting to the finish. here's the latest. according to the feds, employers added just 96,000 jobs last month. that's a very weak number. it's far fewer than the expert has predicted. alison kosik is at the new york stock exchange. so break these numbers down for us, alison. >> one analyst said this is a shocker to him. it's a big miss and a big disappointment. as you said, only 96,000 jobs were added in august. that is way below what was expected. and when you think about it, what was expected was at least 120,000 would have been added. and that was even lower. so it really winds up being a bigger miss. the unemployment rate fell to 8.1%. the headline, when you see that, you think, wow, that's great. but then you look deeper into the number and y
, you pay attention, don't you? we all do. here now is carol costello. >> reporter: jimmy hoffa. the mafia-backed union guy remained unbowed despite the efforts of then-attorney general robert kennedy. "hoffa: the movie." >> the justice department has plenty on you, mr. hoffa. >> you don't impress me. i don't need $300 million. and my brother elected president will [ bleep ] -- >> reporter: in 1975 he disappeared. an american anti-hero was born. many believe the mafia killed hoffa and buried his body under the former giants stadium until they eventually dug it up and built a new stadium. no body, no love amp in 2004, floorboards were removed from a detroit home to look for traces of hoffa's blood. no go. a haorse barn was razed -- no hoffa. his brother is a member of the international group of teamsters without a connection to crime. still, he can't escape his father's note right. he urged fellow members to defeat tea party candidates. it was the way he said it that caused a firestorm. >> you know what, everybody here's got a vote. if we go bad, we keep the eye on the prize, let
. carol? >>> and good morning to you. thank you for being with with us. i'm carol costello. we begin, of course, with breaking news. anti-american mob attacks embassy in libya. the white house confirms that u.s. ambassador to libya, j. christopher stevens, is dead along with three other staff members. a radical islamic group led the hours long siege in benghazi, libya. the militants were apparently enraged by a cheaply made online film considered offensive to islam. just last hour one libyan leader joined the international chorus in condemning the tack. >> translator: we apologize to the u.s. and to the american people, to the government and also to the rest of the world for what happened yesterday. and at the same time, we expect the world to cooperate with us in order to confront to what is meant out of this kind of cowardice, criminal act. >> that is the libyan ambassador -- i'm sorry, libyan prime minister. cnn foreign aaffairs reporter elise labott is at the state department. you've known ambassador christopher for years. tell us about him. >> carol, what can i say? he was consi
morning to you. thank you so much for joining us. i'm carol costello. we begin in charlotte where democrats are setting the stage for the big finale. but an elder superstar of the party may have stolen the show. we'll listen to some key moments of bill clinton's rousing speech to the party faithful in just a moment. expectations were high, and by virtually all accounts the former president delivered. that will make a tough act to follow for vice president joe biden, who delivers a "primetime" address on this final night that culminates when president obama delivers his acceptance speech and makes the case why he should be re-elected. stock bill clinton, though. he made history even before stepping up to the podium. it is the first time a former president formally nominated his success successor. over the course of 48 minutes, he praised obama, mocked republicans, and electrified the democratic crowd. keep in mind clinton ad libbed nearly half of his speech. listen. >> i want to nominate a man who's cool on the outside but who burns for america on the inside. [ applause ] >> when p
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. >>> good morning. i'm zoraida sambolin sitting in for carol costello. >>> just hours from now, the curtain will go up at the democratic national convention. president obama is looking for the bounce that seemed to elude republican nominee right mitt romney. tonight, democrats will kick off with a rising star in the party, san antonio mayor julian castro, who will deliver the keynote address just as obama did eight years ago. also speaking tonight, first lady michelle obama. her job, reach out to women voters of both parties. cnn's edlavendera has a closer look. but, first, dana bash, what are the main priorities that democrats will be pushing tonight? >> reporter: well, democratic officials say the main priority is to remind people that this just isn't just about whether or not they should fire or hire again president obama. it's that it's going to be a choice. and this is really if you talk to any strategist of any party kind of the way you run an incumbent's re-election campaign. that it is a choice between the president and mitt romney. so they'll try to what they say is crystallize tha
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